At Agape Ministry, we cater to the needy families in Africa, West Africa. 

We planned to travel last year in September, but the Covid took over, and we were unable, and we still plan on going in November of 2020, by the Grace of God..

For us with Health Related Problems, we need to be careful to follow guidelines and stay safe. 

Please wear your mask and follow social distancing. 

I will lift up my eyes upon the hills from whence comet my health, my help cometh from the Lord which made heaven and earth (Psalm 121:1).

The Covid has brought so much disaster to our country and has affected our way of running the ministry.  However, we are doing our best to solve this situation, but we still meet online through a telephone line. Please keep safe by wearing your mask and follow guidelines related to the Covid, pray for each other, and keep save.

Because of the unprecedented disruption of many of our normal activities ranging from Churches,  classes, sports, events, events, social gatherings involving large crowds, voluntary isolation, quarantines, social distancing, we are all being called to leave our normal routines and practices (many times these are our comfort zones zones), to pause, step back and deal with the quiet time and space that we suddenly have. Each of us must choose to do with this time and space. As Christians on a journey, we are to get more closer to God, if we have not. As we get closer, our dialogue will lead us to what is important in our lives and what is not. The situation we are experiencing due to the current health crisis can help us to see what our real needs are. Our voluntary social distancing can help us to see how relationship are  and sharpen our awareness of how we care for one another. We should always learn to thank God for everything, no matter the situation, and He will provide our needs, but if you doubt, He is still a forgiving God, but please meet with Him half a way by Acknowledging Him.If you always pray; especially both morning and night, and show Him your faithfulness, He will direct thy path (Psalm 92:1-3). .