At Agape Ministry, we cater to the needy families in Africa. 

We will be  traveling to Liberia in April of 2018. The reason of our trip is to  train people who suffer from diabetes, how to take medications and the proper diet to maintain your diabetes. On Wednesday and Friday,  Fast and Pray Services are both help in the US and Liberia. We also have Prayer Services in Liberia on the same days of the week. We work with the children in America also, by teaching them how to understand the bible, Sunday School Lessons, etc. and various programs for them. 

The children Christmas Program will be held on December 22nd from 12-2PM. Please have your children ready and dressed up in their Christmas Outfits. There will be refreshment served. Parents are welcome to come along with some food.

Mr. Sam Patta, has won a scholarship to come to the US to further his education. Right after he got done with all his paper work and was preparing to come, his wife and three children won the DV. The affidavit has been been completed, but the greatest problem he faces is tickets for them to come. I am asking that you please find it in your heart to help with what ever God lays on your heart to do. You can go to Western Union and send any amount to him. If  you do not know how to send Western Union, ask the people there, and they will help you. You will send it to Sam Patta. After you have sent the money, they will give you a receipt. Call and give me the control number and text question, and I will call him to go and get the money.  Thanks a lot, and I know that Mr. Patta will appreciate this also. Be blessed in Jesus name. 

To all Liberians, let us all join in hands and vote for Embasaador George Manneh Weah to be our next president. Our country has suffered all these years of people who call themselves Educated people, but we have seen no results, as to where their education lead them. We have suffered, our children have also suffered, not going to school, so here is a man for the people, who wants to bring Liberia to a total change, so I am begging you all not to listen to anyone, but use your own discretion to vote for the rightful president. I want you to also remember to leave it in the hands of God, and not associate it with violence. November 7th is the day to vote, so please go ahead and vote peacefully; without violence.